Tasks of the NCP

NCP – (National Coordination Point)

  • Reviewing the form and substance of reference requests with the goal of referencing a qualification to one of the NQF qualification levels
  • Supporting the development and further implementation of the NQF in Austria by assisting and supporting organisations involved in the reference process
  • The NCP must maintain a NQF register of referenced qualifications in accordance with this federal law. The register includes qualifications, a mapping to a level, the name of the qualification provider, a description of the qualification, and the essential learning outcomes.
  • Conducting public relations activities, holding events, and advising organisations requesting the mapping of a qualification
  • As part of its national and international networking work and policy support, the NCP supports the strategy on lifelong learning in Austria (LLL 2020) and the development and implementation of the national validation strategy for non-formal and informal learning.