NQF – Manual

NQF-Manual and request for the mapping of qualification

In accordance to the NQF-law the NQF-Manual is for purpose of providing descriptions and data for the request for the mapping of a qualification. The NQF-Manual serves as guidelines for qualification providers who want to map their qualifiications to the NQF. The Manual describes all priciples and requirements for a mapping.

The responsibility of the contents lies with the OeAD | National Coordination Point (NCP). The NCP is the central administration, coordination and information body for the NQF in Austria.

The NQF-Manual have been presented in the conference of the steering committee at the 26th of September 2016 and was published in accordance to § 10 NQF-law.

At the moment the NCP is reworking the NQF-Manual, the style sheet for the request for the mapping of a qualification was already revised and is valid from the 1st of January 2019. The old version must be used by the end of the year. Here on the right column you will find both versions as well as in the download area.